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Attic solutions


Attic, being close to the roof in the building, is a place not much frequented by owners of the house. It remains neglected part of the house as far as sweeping, cleaning and dusting is concerned. So attics are prone to develop problems like condensation more than any other part of the house. Condensation can damage the structural elements of the building. It can damage trusses and rafters and insulation and consequently, the articles stored there. You can often see black mould forming on the articles which is potentially toxic.

Condensation can be prevented from occurring by maintaining a dry attic with a low relative humidity. First of all it is essential to identify the source of the moisture. Improper exhaust of air in the bathroom can lead the formation of condensation. Improperly vented bathroom and dryer exhausts may trigger the formation of condensation in the attic.

Orangutan service designs bathroom so that dryers exhaust humid air properly. Unfortunately many contractors or DIY homeowners design these exhaust vents to the attic rather than outside the home. Instead of doing any good it harms the attic on the contrary.

Rusty and worn out water pipes also cause condensation in attics. Even a minor hair-line crack in the pipe can release some amount of water and can cause big damage. Orangutan never ignores any such mistake while they conduct service.

There are some signs of condensation in the attic that may warn the house owner to be on the guards. If moisture is forming on the glass window panes or other flat surfaces and there are traces where water has trickled down the walls. A damp odor should be an enough indicator of condensation.

There are some solutions to get rid of attic condensation that Orangutan follows and are extremely useful. Installing a dehumidifier is useful to eliminate some of the condensation in an attic, but it is not a permanent solution.  A properly designed attic should maintain a stable relative humidity and Orangutan is expert in it.